What makes mylium so fantastic?

Mylium is a new sustainable, natural and biodegradable non-woven textile,
that can be grown to your needs!

Some people say it reminds them of cork, others say it feels just like suede…
But it’s simply made of mushrooms!

Either way, you’ll be amazed by the touch of this material.
Mylium is pleasantly soft and even healthy for your skin.

Mylium is bendable, resilient and strong.
And lightweight,
And insulating,
And flame retardant.

It’s a wonderful material with a lot of potential!

Why do we need new circular textiles?

We consume more and more textile and leather products and only a small fraction can be recycled. This results in incredible amounts of waste!
We also have no clue where the raw materials of our products come from… Do you?

It’s time for a new approach!

Mylium =

→   No production of waste
→   Minimal usage of water
→   Transparant production chain
→   Local production
→   Production throughout the year!

Who are we?

Mylium is founded by Iris Houthoff. She has studied Biotechnology and is part-time lecturer at the Bioprocess Engineering Group at Wageningen University. Iris has a strong passion for transforming biomass residues into high-quality products.

Many mycelium experts are excited to support the development of mylium! Ruud and Ed are most actively involved.

Ruud Veloo works as a researcher at Wageningen Food and Biobased Research. He has extensive expertise in microbiology, fermentation and biorefinery.  In his free time, Ruud enjoys cultivating mushrooms at home.

Ed Hendrix works for the Wageningen Plant Research Group. He has many years of experience in mushroom cultivation.


Want to know more?

Are you curious if mylium is a suitable material for your product?
Or would you like to know how you can contribute to Mylium?

This new circular industry we envision can only be realised through collaboration.

That’s why we welcome enthusiastic mushroom cultivators, creative designers, ethical manufacturing businesses (working with bendible or resilient materials), sustainable foundations and curious endusers, to get in contact with us!

Your questions and ideas help us create the material you need.

Please contact us via:

Mail:   iris@mylium.nl
Tel:     06-42163665