Scalable fungal textiles
for circular design

We produce high-tech leather-like textiles with mycelium, the thread-like structure of mushrooms.

What we do

Material revolution:
the intersection of fashion and biotechnology

For the fashion industry, sustainability goes hand in hand with innovation – especially in the supply chain.

With our scalable mycelium technology we develop novel textiles that don’t cost us the earth. Together with fashion brands, we aim to move away from the traditionally wasteful, linear production processes.

Mycelium textile sheet
Mycelium textile sheets

How we do it

Fungi – the key player in circularity and a more sustainable world

Fungi play a major role as decomposers and recyclers in nature. They break down organic matter that otherwise would not be recycled and use it to grow new biomass.

At Mylium we use fungal growth to upcycle waste streams into biobased and plastic-free textiles.

What we offer

Our technology is scalable, cost-effective and plastic-free

Biotechnology opens the door to fast production of natural textiles in bulk quantities at low cost. Our technology greatly reduces the use of energy, water and harmful chemicals. Not to mention animals.

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Novel Textile
Mycelium fabrics take their place next to animal-based, plant-based and synthethic textiles. They are produced on rolls and are highly versatile.
Scalable & Fast
By cultivating our mycelium in bioreactors we designed a scalable process. It allows for fast production of millions of meters per factory per year. 

Our material is biobased and plastic-free. Keeping up with demand no longer comes with heavy environmental costs and harmful wastes.

Our production chains are short and local, ensuring transparency for you and your costumers.

Who we are

We are Mylium,
a team of industrial biotechnology experts

Headquartered in the innovative biotech centre of the Netherlands, our R&D team develops innovative processes that transform mycelium into valuable fabrics.

We are passionate about fungi and inspired to create a better tomorrow.

Mylium - Brend

Our supporters

Backed by the best

We are fortunate to be supported by those who believe in the long-term, game-changing potential of our mycelium technology.