Company background

Committed to making mycelium a mainstream material

Mylium was founded in 2018 with the mission to design a sustainable mycelium textile. Our team has an expertise in biotechnology, polymer chemistry and design.

With diverse and complimentary backgrounds and characters in our team, we are dedicated to eliminate the use of plastic and introduce new sustainable materials into our society.

Our R&D team

Driven by a strong passion for biobased & circular innovations

We see fungi as our circular motor for fibre production and envision a safe and clean material production process, where nothing is wasted.

Our core value is to facilitate an inspiring work environment that supports the personal development of everyone involved. Alongside our team of five, we host trainees and volunteers who all contribute to Mylium’s progress.

Iris Houthoff

CEO & Business Development

Simen-Jan Slagman

CTO & Operations

Brend Kemperman

Lab manager & Technical support

Emma Luitjens

Product Developer & Design

Mandy Hendriks

Marketing & Branding

Our supporters

Backed by the best

We are fortunate to be supported by those who believe in the long-term, game-changing potential of our mycelium technology.