Iris Houthoff is founder of Mylium and lecturer at the Bioprocess Engineering group at Wageningen University (WUR). She is passionate about developing new sustainable processes starting from waste biomass as resource. It is her life’s mission to contribute to the transition to a circular and biobased society. Since she encountered mycelium technology, she is convinced that these materials will become part of our future. And she is not alone. Different startups have proven the potential of mycelium materials, that can be turned into a wide range of products: isolation panels, packaging containers, vegan shoes, foam etc.

This evolution towards mycelium materials will happen. 

With Mylium, it’s her purpose to realise the transistion and set up a new sustainable mycelium industry in the Netherlands. The focus is on introducing a new material called ‘mylium’ that is irresistibly soft and will be an addition to the list of textiles and leather.





Eveline Snelders is co-founder and joined Mylium in October 2018. She is working as a postdoctoral scientist at the Wageningen University (WUR) with a main focus on human fungal infections and antifungal drug resistance development. She joined Mylium because she believes in the mycelium technology and using that technology for development of new sustainable products. She has over ten years of lab-experience working with different fungi and is now using her knowledge to further develop the mycelium technology.