Fungi are the circular engine of nature

We envision a safe and clean material production process, where nothing is wasted.

We find our inspiration in nature, where resources are carefully recycled. The responsibility of recycling resources lies with an organism that can turn nature’s leftover biomass into new functional biomass: the fungus.

Because of their vital role fungi are abundant in our environment, yet we only see their fruiting bodies in the shape of mushrooms. At Mylium we treasure the hidden part of fungi; the root structure of mushrooms that is called mycelium. Already for centuries mycelium is appreciated and cultivated in food, feed and medicinal industries. In the last decade, mycelium has also shown its potential as a stiff material that can be used for various interior applications. Now, Mylium introduces the fungal power into flexible materials as well. 



The Fabric

Mycelium uses agricultural residues to grow and forms a thread-like structure. These threads extend, branch, and weave together to form a naturally woven sheet. Mycelium sheets are lightweight and flexible, they have a foamy texture, they insulate and they have an appealing silky look and touch.  The result is a naturally grown fabric with a unique combination of qualities.

Our mycelium fabric offers the warmth and luxury of animal-based fabrics, such as leather, silk and wool, and no animals were involved in making it.