Our mycelium technology

A circular biomaterial made from fungal fibres

At Mylium we treasure fungi that grow in a thread-like network, called mycelium. Mycelium grows by extending and branching its tips in search of nutrients. The threads hook strongly together and are pressed to form a uniform sheet.

Our textiles are produced on rolls and offer a consistent quality. They are adaptable to your wishes in terms of thickness, level of flexibility, colour and finishing.

None of the plastic

Our sustainable alternative to vegan leather

Though synthetic leather is vegan, its use of plastic is not sustainable.

Our technology provides an entirely new material. The future for true vegan leather should be none of the animal, but also none of the plastic.

Cultivation & post-treatment

Our textile production process


We start with a pure culture of mycelium


In the bioreactor, the mycelium grows and multiplies in liquid medium


Other natural ingredients are added to strongly bind it together


The mixture is mechanically shaped into sheets and dried


The textile can be finished with a coating to finetune its properties

Our local & fast production

Grown in a high-tech industrial setting

We grow our mycelium in a controlled environment using bioreactors. This allows for easy harvest of our fungal fibers and ensures scalability.

Our biotechnology process allows for industrial production in bulk quantities to meet your growing demand.

Mylium bioreactor